Here is the translation of the note:
REVERSE "Hunger Crown - a gift from the Soviet Union
This is proof of your government's bankruptcy and the economic collapse of the Five Year Plan, to remind you of what the government has stolen from you. This is the challenge to fight, this is the demand to measure the entire power of the people in the weakness of the regime and to resist as much and as well as possible. The peoples of the other states enslaved by the Soviet Union unite, and they will assist you in your struggle. The free world is behind you. All power to the people!"
FRONT: "Czechs and Slovaks!
The regime is becoming weaker and more fearful of you. Power lies with the people, and the people stand against the regime. Unite and mobilize your power! Down with the kolkhozes! Insists on the right of the workers! Demands concessions today, freedom tomorrow!"

Here is what the original note looks like: